The Board of Directors at Girls Inc. of the Island City is a working board that meets monthly. In addition, some board members hold special offices and all board members serve on a variety of “working” committees.

Members in the community are invited to support Girls Inc. of the Island City through one of our many board committees. Please contact Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Burton for more information.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee
The purpose of this committee is to act in the name of the full Board when it is not in session, or to deal with emergencies that require immediate attention. All actions of the Executive Committee are subject to the approval of the full Board.

Board Governance Committee
This committee is responsible for recruiting members for the Board of Directors. Members of this committee facilitate the process for developing criteria for board members and identifying, recruiting, and proposing new directors to the existing board. They also oversee the application, interview, and selection process of potential board members. Members of this committee plan and implement training as needed to strengthen all members’ knowledge of the organization and increase their ability to function effectively. Members of this committee usually come from the Board of Directors, but could also be volunteers from the community.

Finance Committee
This committee, in coordination with the Finance Specialist, is responsible for the board’s financial oversight. In coordination with the Executive Director and other board committees, this committee works to finalize and recommend the organization’s annual budget, reviews and recommends specific investment policies, and reviews and reports on the annual audit. All members are Executive Committee officers or members of the Board of Directors.

Audit Committee
This committee hires and evaluates the Auditor and oversees the audit process

Special Committees

Events Committee oversees the planning and implementation of internal and external events, including our signature fundraiser, Women Who Dare.

Fund Development Committee initiates and builds relationships with individuals, organizations, and foundations, and raises sustainable funds to build capacity.

Community members do not have to be members of the Board to serve on these committees.