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Elementary School Programs for Girls Grades 1-5

Girls Programs photoGirls Incorporated of the Island City's elementary after school programs for girls, grades 1-5, are structured to meet the needs of developing girls. Programs are delivered in three sessions: fall, winter, and spring, by staff that is trained specifically to create learning environments that support the way girls learn and build their self-confidence.

The Elementary Girls Program is offered Monday-Friday, 2:50-6:00 pm, except Wednesday when programming begins at 1:50 pm. Girls do not need to be enrolled in Alameda schools to attend our programs. We provide supervised walking transportation to Girls Inc. of the Island City from the following schools (rain or shine): Franklin, Haight, and Maya Lin. And we provide van transportation to Girls Inc. of the Island City from the following schools: Ruby Bridges, Paden, NEA, and Wood (for 4th and 5th grade girls only).

Registration for the program is on-site by appointment only. Enrollment is for individual sessions (fall, winter, spring) and fees are based on a sliding-scale model, which takes into account our families' financial needs. Registration forms are available to download and print. Learn more about our fee structure and payment plans.

Programming curricula for each session will be based on the theme, "Inspiring all Girls to be Strong, Smart, and Boldsm." Programming curricula is segmented by developmental age groups and is based on National research and testing.

FALL - Inspiring all girls to be BOLD - (August - December)

We strive for our girls to be bold in action, to be aware of the world around them, to be fearless leaders, and to stand out because of their great ideas. To help them achieve these goals, curriculum for our fall session will focus on self-reliance and life skills, a core area identified as critical to addressing the challenges faced by all girls.

WINTER - Inspiring all girls to be SMART - (January - March)

Too many girls still get the message that math and science aren't for them. Curriculum for our winter session is designed to develop girls' enthusiasm for and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with fun, experimental activities in a supportive, all-girl environment.

SPRING - Inspiring all girls to be STRONG - (April - June)

We believe it is critical for girls to be in charge of their bodies and sustain a healthy, positive sense of self. As such, we designed our curriculum for the spring semester to incorporate a "whole health" care model for the girls we serve. Regular physical activity is interwoven with activities that promote nutrition, healthy eating, effective stress management and positive body image.


School-Based Programs

GIRLStart Literacy and Operation Smart are currently offered at Bay Farm, Haight, Paden and Ruby Bridges Elementary Schools. The programs are offered after school five days a week. GIRLStart focuses on phonics, read-alouds, and Reader's Theatre for first and second grade girls. Operation Smart; which stands for Science, Math, and Relevant Technology; is for fourth and fifth graders.