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GIRLfriends photo Vision: Women leaders who are vital, educated, and independent

Mission: Champion strong, smart, and bold girls through use of members' time, talent and treasure and to nurture the next generation of women leaders

We are dedicated to:

  • Building a philanthropic network
  • Sponsoring educational events focused on issues of importance to all girls
  • Advocating for girls in social and political arenas

GIRLfriends is a philanthropic network supporting Girls Inc. of the Island City (GIIC), located in Alameda. We champion girls to become vital, educated, and independent women leaders.

GIRLfriends builds relationships within our membership and among our friends and business partners, and GIIC. Sustaining these relationships and building a philosophy of support for the girls we serve is of primary importance.

GIRLfriends sponsors and arranges special events open to the wider community on topics of concern. In the past, these have been done in concert with Teen programs.

GIRLfriends may choose to advocate for girls in a variety of arenas. In our role as champion, we look to the future and what we can do to nurture the next generation of women leaders.

GIRLfriends meets as a group to share personal news; updates on GIIC programs, activities, and events; and enjoy good food and adult libations.

The best part? Choosing your level of participation is your opportunity to add to your gift of $250 per year in championing the future of women leaders.

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