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Recognition and Awards Event

Awards & Recognition Dinner PhotoGirls Incorporated of the Island City holds an Annual Community Recognition and Awards Event in July to honor select board members, community volunteers and donors who have contributed and supported our organization all year. On July 11, 2016, we honored the following individuals and organizations as strong, smart, and bold partners. Special thanks to our event sponsors Dragon Rouge Vietnamese Restaurant and Al Wright of Raintree Studios.

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Girls of the Month

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Jillian Rose Metzger
  • Emily Yee
  • Miley Gradney
  • Amelia Gordon
  • Abigayle Duarte
  • Jewel McWoodson
  • Sesina Haile
  • Emiko Takemoto
  • Billie Spicer-Lambert
  • Nayali Medellin
  • Mariah Poree
  • Paige Butler
  • Jessica Vogel
  • Kristin Bailey Laqui
  • Liliana Muett
  • Xitlali Luna Garcia
  • Scarlette James

Alameda Island Kids Family Awards

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Bay Farm School - Kira & Ashley Ma and Family
  • Earhart School - Kailani Tyler and Family
  • Edison School - Rachel Konecky and Family
  • Franklin School - Duncan Chipman and Family
  • Lum School - John Inocencio and Family
  • Otis School - Alena Martinez and Family

STRONG Partner Award

AEC Living & Phoenix Commons, Lauren Zimmerman Cook

SMART Service Award

  • Silver Alkhafaji
  • Zeina Saad
  • Rachel Saarela

BOLD Kaye Van Valkenburg Donor Award

Luzanne Engh

In-Kindness Award

  • Pilar Burlingham, Lilac Dress Boutique
  • Robert Lynch, Irish Monkey Cellars
  • Jimmy Luu & Dan Nguyen, Dragon Rouge Vietnamese Bistro
  • Al Wright, Raintree Studios

Dr. Edith Meyers Center Volunteer Award

  • Mary Brownson
  • Colleen Vermillion

Extraordinary Time & Talent Award

  • Jessica Jane Robinson
  • Sally Rudloff
  • Dede Tabor

Executive Director's Extra Mile Award

Kaitlin O'Donnell

Outstanding Service Award

  • Matt Bliven
  • Luzanne Engh
  • Linda Felts

Above & Beyond Board Member Award

  • Rose LeCount
  • Eve Pearlman
  • Jason Santiago
  • Julie Yim

Board Service Gratitude Award

Jason Santiago

Certificate of Appreciation

  • Kyle Clark
  • Alissa Skog

Special thanks to our event sponsors, Dragon Rouge Vietnamese Restaurant and Al Wright of Raintree Studios!