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Recognition and Awards Event

Girls Incorporated of the Island City holds an Annual Community Recognition and Awards Event in July to honor select board members, community volunteers, and donors who have contributed and supported our organization all year. On July 9, 2018, we honored the following individuals and organizations as strong, smart, and bold partners. Special thanks to our event sponsors Otaez Mexican Restaurant and Al Wright of Raintree Studios.

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Girls of the Month

  • October - Laila Walton and Airealana Williams
  • November - Lizzie Dean and Londyn Canal
  • December - Keira Canal and Alexandra Ruiz
  • January - Timmyanni Richardson and Cassidy Johanson
  • February - Nanako Nguyen and Penny Etayo
  • March - Enid Cloues and Evelyn Schjuter-Mance
  • May - Zoey Gil and Sophia Lau

Alameda Island Kids Family Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Bay Farm School - Ryan & Sarah Gallagher and Family
  • Earhart School - Desiree & Danica Shoblo and Family
  • Edison School - Tristan Banthi and Family
  • Franklin School - Joseph Cutting and Family
  • Otis School - Aiden Danico Buser and Family

STRONG Partner Award

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  • AEC Living
  • Alameda Welfare Council
  • The Felts Family
  • Jeannie Graham
  • Juelle-Ann Boyer
  • Lauren Zimmerman Cook
  • Leslie Thornton
  • Luzanne Engh & Guidici Family Trust

SMART Partner Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Dee Keltner
  • Donalynne Fuller
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Matt & Kathy Bliven
  • Shum Financial Group

BOLD Partner Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Alameda Hospital
  • Cool Safety
  • Dorie Guess Behrstock & Herb Behrstock
  • Michael Sullivan
  • Sally Rudloff

In-Kindness Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Al Wright, Raintree Studios
  • Beth DeGolia
  • Charlotte Tlachac
  • Sharon Smith-Mauney, The Heart of Cabi Foundation
  • Trabocco

Kaye Van Valkenberg Exemplary Service Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Bonnie Oviatt
  • Dede Tabor
  • Julie Van Buhler
  • Linda Allen
  • Lynn Perata
  • Roxanne Leblanc
  • Tatjana Bevineau

Dr. Edith Meyers Center Time & Talent Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Eileen Bitten
  • Kaitlin O’Donnell
  • Kathy Jones
  • Linda Garvin
  • Margo Waldron
  • Mitzi Wong-Nguyen
  • Pat & Diana Foster

CEO's Extra Mile Staff Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Rebecca Alturk

Above & Beyond Board Member Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Carolyn Thomas
  • Claudia Medina
  • Hailey Castelaz
  • Julie Conner
  • Linda Felts
  • Luzanne Engh
  • Matt Bliven
  • Rose LeCount

Board Service Gratitude Award

Awards Dinner Photo
  • Carolyn Lantz
  • Eve Pearlman
  • Gayle Thomas
  • Rose LeCount

Special thanks to our event sponsors,
Otaez Mexican Restaurant and Al Wright of Raintree Studios!